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Details for cinelerra-cv-doc (2.2-dmo6+deb7u1) - Oldoldstable/Wheezy

audio/video authoring tool - Documentation

Cinelerra is a complete audio and video authoring tool. It understands a
lot of multimedia formats (quicktime, avi, ogg) and audio/video compression
codecs (divx, xvid, mpeg1/2, ...)

This package contains the documentation in English, French and Brazil for
the CV version.

Section: doc
Priority: optional
Filename: pool/main/c/cinelerra-cv/cinelerra-cv-doc_2.2-dmo6+deb7u1_all.deb
Size: 23723048
MD5sum: eb3e1de132498979e39707aceb3c31fe
SHA1: 83eefd7c4fa2150f6aa6da01da09164d75a624bc
SHA256: 6b8a1c8d34f0f80befe1d8f2728dec22abcd6f7bf4fa6bb9f0bc8e41d132d077

Priority: optional
Build-Date: 11 March 2017

   - cinelerra-doc.

Source: cinelerra-cv
Installed-Size: 29 MB

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