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Details for mythffmpeg (0.26.2-dmo1) - mips - Oldoldstable/Wheezy

Special ffmpeg version for nuvexport.

Special ffmpeg version for nuvexport. This binary is linked against the
libmythav* libraries and not libraries in libavc* packages.

Section: utils
Priority: optional
Filename: pool/main/m/mythtv-dmo/mythffmpeg_0.26.2-dmo1_mips.deb
Size: 84800
MD5sum: 04b65487365bff634812d7cafd679173
SHA1: 870ac12f521ff3cc50ebfbbd70bdcc003a38b5c8
SHA256: cadf604e0164cced2dfe7fe78f61e0a81af8336981796404aa5c4303ee1236c2

Priority: optional
Build-Date: 03 August 2016

   - libc6 (>= 2.7).
   - libmythavcodec54 (>= 0.26.1+fixes20140122~).
   - libmythavdevice54 (>= 0.26.1+fixes20140122~).
   - libmythavfilter2 (>= 0.26.1+fixes20140122~).
   - libmythavformat54 (>= 0.26.1+fixes20140122~).
   - libmythavutil51 (>= 0.26.1+fixes20140122~).
   - libmythpostproc52 (>= 0.26.1+fixes20140122~).
   - libmythswresample0 (>= 0.26.1+fixes20140122~).
   - libmythswscale2 (>= 0.26.1+fixes20140122~).

Source: mythtv-dmo
Installed-Size: 214 KB

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