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Details for xbmc-skin-xeebo (4.0.3-dmo3) - Oldstable/Jessie

Boxee style skin for XBMC.

Boxee style skin designed for use with simple remotes (ie ATV), mouse or
touch screens where everything is only a few clicks away.

Built from the unfinished Boxee skin by Wir3d (part-coded by Jezz_X).

Section: sound
Priority: extra
Filename: pool/main/x/xbmc-skin-xeebo/xbmc-skin-xeebo_4.0.3-dmo3_all.deb
Size: 11593102
MD5sum: 3c58054457386f4e696e8c78459cf4cd
SHA1: 0f44241cc8f72b5610a6eead946e30aab973b205
SHA256: 5442089c4e3c9b58dadf9ea55118a5d36d89bcad50c3e7aa09f731e7cc5ad966

Priority: extra
Build-Date: 03 August 2016

   - xbmc-bin.
   - xbmc-skin.

Installed-Size: 17 MB

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