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Details for libgpac-dev (1:0.5.2-dmo2+deb8u2) - powerpc - Oldstable/Jessie

multimedia framework based on the MPEG-4 Systems standard

Multi-Arch: same

Description-md5: e23e844e480651c51004f01cd0b88210
Section: libdevel
Priority: optional
Filename: pool/main/g/gpac-dmo/libgpac-dev_0.5.2-dmo2+deb8u2_powerpc.deb
Size: 1796482
MD5sum: ed39db83d696c76538f752b7c5d30a9f
SHA1: 30bd629778d908b0a78ce8478a4ff284c072a4df
SHA256: 80febf9710ee6cc41ed4cf7cad7958d351d523ba74fa7276ed2d791e6c5be8bc

Section: libdevel
Priority: optional
Build-Date: 14 April 2019

   - libgpac4 (= 1:0.5.2-dmo2+deb8u2).

Source: gpac-dmo
Installed-Size: 8 MB

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