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Details for libmkv-dev ( - powerpc - Oldstable/Jessie

Alternitave to the official libmatroska/libebml libraries.

This library is meant to be an alternative to the official libmatroska
library. It is writen (Thanks Haali) in plain C, and intended to be very

This package contains development files.

Multi-Arch: same

Section: libdevel
Priority: extra
Filename: pool/main/libm/libmkv-dmo/libmkv-dev_0.6.5.1-dmo3_powerpc.deb
Size: 17184
MD5sum: 404d4976a65787f88907feca3f7e9371
SHA1: 00c14e53cc5659ac26c67e7b4bea76e529a69bae
SHA256: 7889e6a79b001f76e8379fba2be470d486afe391b7e6065103d4b155d1efbd23

Priority: extra
Build-Date: 03 August 2016

   - libmkv0 (=

Source: libmkv-dmo
Installed-Size: 46 KB

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