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Details for librtmp-dev (2:2.4~20150315.gita107cef9b-dmo1+deb8u2) - powerpc - Oldstable/Jessie

Toolkit for RTMP streams (development files)

A small dumper for media content streamed over the RTMP protocol (like
BBC's iPlayer high quality streams). Supplying an RTMP URL will result in
a dumped flv file, which can be played/transcoded with standard tools.

This package contains the development libraries, header files needed by
programs that want to compile with librtmp.

Multi-Arch: same

Section: libdevel
Priority: extra
Filename: pool/main/r/rtmpdump-dmo/librtmp-dev_2.4~20150315.gita107cef9b-dmo1+deb8u2_powerpc.deb
Size: 59828
MD5sum: 42206725e86839ef5705f3accf0838b3
SHA1: b3c0e46250c8a8dc741c9b69c394a237a863df18
SHA256: e1ebc75a2bc5673c4f91e7192038f95672e2cb2815d7f91e67bf06b9823c756f

Priority: extra
Build-Date: 28 April 2017

   - librtmp1 (= 2:2.4~20150315.gita107cef9b-dmo1+deb8u2).
   - libgmp-dev.

Source: rtmpdump-dmo
Installed-Size: 207 KB

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