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Details for libilbc-dev (2.0.2-dmo4) - arm64 - Stable/Stretch

iLBC codec - development files

This is a packaging friendly copy of the iLBC codec from the WebRTC
project. It provides a base for distribution packages and can be used as
drop-in replacement for the non-free code from RFC 3591.

This package contains development files.

Multi-Arch: same

Section: libdevel
Priority: optional
Filename: pool/main/libi/libilbc-dmo/libilbc-dev_2.0.2-dmo4_arm64.deb
Size: 55850
MD5sum: 6b5f0f6cd022b4b5c0ddd1c017adcaff
SHA1: cc1e7c12efb55b2c96f0f1b465fbcd5730327a5f
SHA256: 274792a4fb7e64c0baf55418896e9548d19b583947ce4b11f220288a9c19101c

Priority: optional
Build-Date: 06 August 2016

   - libilbc2 (= 2.0.2-dmo4).

Source: libilbc-dmo
Installed-Size: 244 KB

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