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Subtitle conversion tool for image based formats.

A tool to convert captions demuxed from a Blu-Ray transport stream (M2TS)
into the DVD VobSub format (SUB/IDX) used by many DVD authoring tools. Many
more features were added over time as was support for other formats. So in
the meantime the name seems a little inappropriate. In a nutshell, it's a
subtitle conversion tool (for image based formats) with scaling
capabilities and some other nice features.

Supported Formats
* Blu-Ray SUP: Import (since 1.0) and Export (since 1.6)
* Sony BDN XML: Import and Export (since 3.3.0)
* HD-DVD SUP: Import (since 1.9)
* VobSub (SUB/IDX): Import (since 3.5.0) and Export (since 1.0)
* DVD-SUP (SUP/IFO): import and export (since 3.9.0)

* Add a fixed delay to all timestamps
* Perform a frame rate conversion e.g. for pal speedup
* Synchronize time stamps to output frame rate
* Edit times and position of each caption
* Control all features (except editing) from the command line
* Move all captions inside or outside a given area or horizontally
* Scale up/down with a variety of filters (from bilinear over bicubic to
Lanczos3 and Mitchell)
* Edit "forced" flags
* Exclude single captions from export
* Erase rectangular regions of a caption
* Scale captions independently of screen size
* Automatically remove fade in/out from imported subtitle streams
* Export the target palette in PGCEdit text format (RGB values 0..255)
* Edit the imported DVD palette when input is either VobSub or SUP/IFO
* Edit the frame palette and alpha values when input is either VobSub or
* Set/clear forced flags for all captions

Section: video
Priority: extra
Filename: pool/main/b/bdsup2sub/bdsup2sub_4.0.0-dmo1_all.deb
Size: 681762
MD5sum: 100b09dfe45850ecf7bfc4fa56f6b3e1
SHA1: e4fd16502405efe3c9d30ff328dc0f2c8f193376
SHA256: 71bfe1a0545109610c42d15e078b83d2d02583d38f5d682c5f9f14d49dd04446

Priority: extra
Build-Date: 03 August 2016

   - default-jre or java2-runtime.

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