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Details for icecast2 (1:2.4.0kh6-dmo1+deb9u1) - mips - Stable/Stretch

Ogg Vorbis and MP3 streaming media server

Icecast is a streaming media server which currently supports Ogg Vorbis and
MP3 audio streams. It can be used to create an Internet radio station or a
privately running jukebox and many things in between. It is very versatile
in that new formats can be added relatively easily and supports open
standards for communication and interaction.

This package is the kh version from Kharl Hainz.

Main differences from official icecast release
* Auth via url updates.
* Listeners of mp3/aac streams can request FLV wrapping which helps
with flash players
* Adds stream-auth option for passing off authentication of source
clients to something external.
* Handlers option added to allow multiple auth threads (default 1 per
* Listeners don't keep a hold on the auth_t after auth has finished.
* Mountpoint: header on reply will redirect failed listeners.

* Add reject_mount auth option. sends listeners to alternative mount if
* Last N lines of log files can be viewed via admin page
* Bytes transferred stats for whole server and per-mount
* Average bitrate for each stream calculated over last N seconds (default
* Option to automatically drop source if bitrate continually exceeds a
specified bitrate.
* Config xml reload/log cycling can be done via the admin page.
* Can specify multiple masters in relay for switching to an alternative
stream on failure.
* Wildcards allowed in mount-name and IP matching in allow/deny files.
* mount setting for easy filtering of video from a ogg
theora/vorbis stream.
* Better handling of xml settings, you can use true/false yes/no for
boolean settings.
* Single list traversal (instead of AVL) for listeners
* Can trigger a http 302 (redirect) for new listener when on
max-listeners reached, can be used to redirect to other registered
relays. Registered relays pass extra details to master. work is in
the early stages.

Section: sound
Priority: optional
Filename: pool/main/i/icecast2-dmo/icecast2_2.4.0kh6-dmo1+deb9u1_mips.deb
Size: 248980
MD5sum: 6c511d2b5aa2140c147cd8bd54e64348
SHA1: 2885e2908ab12971de4f1bf84a9138ab576c7169
SHA256: f5e91ba87ced05a1d78f157a3636cae7eb1b0b5bbe8760d4b5039d8e51f1444a

Section: sound
Priority: optional
Build-Date: 02 December 2017

   - adduser.
   - lsb-base.
   - libc6 (>= 2.19).
   - libcurl3-gnutls (>= 7.16.2).
   - libkate1 (>= 0.3.0).
   - libogg0 (>= 1.0rc3).
   - liboggkate1 (>= 0.3.0).
   - libspeex1 (>= 1.2~beta3-1).
   - libssl1.0.2 (>= 1.0.2d).
   - libtheora0 (>= 0.0.0.alpha7.dfsg).
   - libvorbis0a (>= 1.1.2).
   - libxml2 (>= 2.7.4).
   - libxslt1.1 (>= 1.1.25).
   - debconf (>= 0.5) or debconf-2.0.
   - ices2.

Source: icecast2-dmo
Installed-Size: 750 KB

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